Born in Bellflower, CA in 1981, Finn Paul is a video artist and photographer whose work addresses themes of selfhood and risk-taking in and out of the context of Queer communities. Using narrative and image, Paul takes up his own identity as a locus for the complexities of privilege and power, enacting an examination which also reveals the lives inextricably bound with his: friends, family, and the array of social texts that influence Queer culture. Essay and documentary forms are used in Paul’s video work to uncover the ways “radical” identities are constructed through everyday, commonplace means. Paul was the co-curator of Sissies, a series of Queer artist talks in Portland, Oregon. His work has screened at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Northside Film Festival, Queer Mix NYC, and the San Francisco Short Film Festival. He has received grants from the Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Pride Foundation and the Equity Foundation.  He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Fine Art form the California Institute of the Arts.

If you have interest in viewing the complete videos or photography series please email him at finn.g.paul@gmail.com

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